Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 8th, 2013

Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians:

You have been made aware through communications with Scott Murphy our Superintendent that we will be receiving electronic entry or buzz in boxes at each elementary and middle school in the district. At this time most elementary schools have received those boxes. Please read the linked statement from me regarding how that system will work at Newton Middle School. This is a change in our culture and how we conduct business. I anticipate that it will take some time to make the adjustment; however, I do believe that it will be a positive change that will enhance the safety of our students. This information will also be made available on the front page of our website.

As I mentioned late last fall we were contacted by the Academy School District in Colorado Springs regarding our math achievement and growth scores. They made a request to visit Newton this winter to observe our 80 minute block schedule and how we are teaching math. The visit will take place on the afternoon of February 12th. We are looking forward to hosting them and sharing information across the board on the topic of math instruction. Kudos to our math department for the wonderful job they have done with our students!

Next week I will meet with our building leadership team and finalize our T-CAP testing schedule. Once that is completed the schedule will be made available on our website.  I will also include some helpful reminders on how to assist in preparing your child to take the assessments.

This year we are hosting a Newton Knight of Talent for our students. All students are welcome to audition for the talent show. We have the information in our daily announcements and students can come to the main office or see Ms. Plegge or Ms. Andrews for an audition packet. The Newton Knight of Talent will be held on the evening of Thursday, March 21st.

I have one more reminder that our parent survey that is being conducted through our Newton Accountability Committee is still available for you to complete. You may access the survey through the front page of our website. Please take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback. It is important information to the committee and to me as the principal!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Have a great weekend.


James O’Tremba
Principal, Newton Middle School

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